Welcome to Our Story,

Here you will get to know the history of our brand, what inspired us to build this brand and what exactly we stand for. Enjoy reading!


We knew for quite a while already that we wanted to create a watch brand, but not with your average Joe watches.

We wanted to create something different, something all men would love and wear with pride.

We wanted to make a change, but we didn't know yet how to make this change..

Living in the Netherlands and being born travelers, we felt like we needed a change of working environment. From our past experience we knew that working in a different environment always brings us a lot of new and creative ideas.

That's why we decided to go on a trip. A trip to a country with a complete different culture and nature, a complete different environment.

We traveled to a lot of countries and continents already, but we had never been to South-Africa. So, we decided to book the trip!

During our trip through South-Africa we experienced how beautiful nature can be, it's truly amazing! And of course we didn't want to ruin this beautiful environment, we only wanted to stimulate it. That was the moment we realized we wanted to create a sustainable brand, with the least amount of plastic being used as possible.

The questions 'How are we going to create something different?' 'How are we going to make a change?' were answered: wooden watches with wooden packaging!

After a couple days of safari in the desert, we finally spotted two male lions. These two lions came across very oppressive and intimidated us and the others in the Jeep a lot.

They symbolized strength and courage and we immediately knew that this was the feeling we wanted to create with our brand too! The perfect way for us to describe these animals in one word was; LUSTY.

We can say with 100% certainty that the change of environment gave us all the inspiration and creativity we needed to build this brand.
We hope this also gave you the inspiration to join us and start wearing our watches with pride!

Best regards,